Thursday, November 12, 2009

Write love on your arms and win a staring contest with the day.

We don't belong here forever, but our limited powers of perception are such that we are so easily deceived into thinking that this is all there is. Buildings, banks, money, vanity, void, and self-destruction. It is frightening, really. Every day is a struggle to keep focus and sanity, or at least some semblance of the latter. I suppose that everyone has a little crazy in them. Speaking of which, sometimes I wonder why people deserve to exist at all, why this planet is populated with so much idiocy and degeneration. But then, I experience a moment of true beauty and it all seems to make sense. For a few minutes, anyway.

How I long to be lost behind the veils of what we call "reality." It is very easy to become disillusioned, when all I see most every day is the physical, the mundane. Ever hear someone tell you that something you choose to do is an escape? I think that is a very useful thing, otherwise more of us would lose our minds. Want a simple way of coping? Love. Concentrate on someone else, and you can forget about the void of yourself. Otherwise known as a genius move on our Creator's part. In love, seek out the Voice that created the Universe, and His eternal mystery, and all will be well even when everything is falling apart.

Eventually we will all dwell in true reality. We are all on the long way home. Are you taking the scenic route?


  1. Forms of escape are needed, such as books or just being in the outdoors. Modernity is so clinically insane that the ones that know it is need to be away from it for a brief period of time to regain their mental faculties.

    However, people have to be careful not to try and escape this world totally. This will lead to total disillusionment. When we do realize those things that are beautiful and true in this world, we recognize why we must stay alive.

  2. I totally agree. There is a fine line between escape and disillusionment to me. Sometimes, I get so absorbed in art that I forget or simply do not want to return to "real life," but then of course I do, eventually.

    I appreciate the input.

  3. Mmm good thoughts. Art is definitely one of the best ways to escape, and at the same time be forced into the reality and the gravity of life. How have I not seen these posts before? Well, I'm glad I'm following you now. :)